Hopes for Black & White

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Hopes for Black & White

Post by Nekoaa on Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:25 pm

Well, I made this thread to say what I'm hoping to see in Black and White. Pure speculation.
I was hoping to see customizable characters (aren't we all?), but I guess not. However, I have no complaint with the female character design. It's better than the girl for HG/SS, in my opinion.
I sincerely hope they revamp the bag system, I hated the one in HG/SS but the one in D/P/P took too long to scroll through after you collected a substantial number of items. I think just moving it to the bottom screen and having a movable scrollbar on the side to quickly hop through would be a big improvement.
I also liked the PC system from HG/SS, which was faster to use then D/P/P. Hopefully they'll keep the touchscreen capabilities for that.
Uhhh, and I'm also hoping that both the Pokeathlon and Pokemon Contests return. I liked both of them and was kind of sad when there were no contests, but I also loved the Pokeathlon, so I hope they both are in the new games.
More complaints about Pokemon itself, I heard that the main characters are supposed to be older, which is good. It looks like Nintendo has realized their fanbase is no longer 9 years old, I believe most of use are in our teens now and even new fans are usually 11-12. In my experience, anyway. That is good and gives us hope for a slightly more complicated storyline, along with an evil team that's actually evil rather than the meanies Team Rocket were. Team Galactic actually tried to destroy the world, that was good! Perhaps there may even be an actual plot twist this time!
Haha...I don't know if you guys agree with me, but that's what I'm hoping for B&W. xD

EDIT: Oh, and bring back the double-geared bike!
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