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Poketropolis Rules

Post by SuperiorSwampert on Thu May 13, 2010 5:46 pm

1. Spam is NOT tolerated. Spam in moderation is tolerable, but constant spam is not. Don't know what spam is? Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages.
2. Trolling and flaming are strictly forbidden. This includes trolling and flaming from our staff as well. If you do encounter any trolls, ignore them, don't talk back to them - this could get you into trouble as well. If you just ignore them, they'll get bored and leave. Report them to a moderator or administrator and we'll take suitable action depending on the situation.
3. Forum advertising is forbidden. This means advertising other sites, forums, and what not. Generally, advertising is forbidden - putting your site in your signature or the website profile field is fine though.
4. Double posting/consecutive posting is not allowed. In the fanfiction board and maybe the art board, this rule can be ignored, but otherwise, please don't double post or similar. If the situation calls for it and you must bump the topic or for some other reason, you may do so, but please, use common sense.
5. Flaming and backstabbing other sites and forums is a big NO. This includes ALL staff (Yes, you too, Ben!) and if you do it, you will get and warning and a ban if you do it again. Flaming and backstabbing other sites and forums is a serious offence, and from now on, will NOT be tolerated. This also includes telling others to NOT join someone's site.
6. Don't try to bypass bans by making a new account. If you think you've been banned wrongly or unfairly, please email an administrator or moderator - their emails will be put up soon.
7. No alternate aliases. Only one account per person, and yes, we can check IPs. If you do make another account and pretend to be someone else, especially if that person is a member from another site that you wish to spite or similar, both your accounts will be banned, and if you used another person's alias, that person will be told about it.
8. Moderator's and Administrator's words are final. If you wish to argue, at least do in a civilised way either by PM or the chatbox - don't post in the forums and cause drama.
9. No drama. It's annoying, and often classified as attention seeking depending on the situation. This will get you banned, especially if it's in the chatbox.
10. Don't ask to be a moderator/administrator. This will only lessen your chances.
11. This forum is a PG-13 forum. Occasional swearing is fine if it is used appropriately, but constant swearing used inappropriately and to insult will get you a warning or ban. Pornography, especially child pornography, is also forbidden and will result in a ban.
12. Respect other members. Treat people like you want to be treated. Be friendly to others, and they will be friendly back to you.
13. Do not link to or post illegal material. This may result in a ban and your post will most definitely be deleted.
14. Try to keep your posts as grammatical as possible. Text speak such as 'u' and 'g2g' is not very easy to understand and even if you don't use it constantly, it's best to avoid it entirely.
15. Use your common sense.
16. Don't try to harass users via PM or posts, this will get you banned.

Common sense will get you to good places, people. Use your common sense to realize what may or may not be forbidden on this forum.

Any rules that we should apply? Post them here - be warned though, your rules will only be considered, and they may not be added to this list. Please tell us if we've missed something though.

Thanks, and please keep to the rules!

P.S Moderators and Administrators, please post in the staff board before you make any changes to this. And yes, these rules apply to EVERYONE.

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