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Satisfactions Trade list

Post by Satisfaction on Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:13 pm

Events and Untrained Shinys With Good Natures For Trade

Post by Satisfaction on Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:23 am
Satisfaction here offering all 100% UT and legit events.

UPDATE: Looking for normal type evds
Any evd normal types offered gets 1 more pokemon of there choice.

Offering TRU Arceus, TRU Shymin, TRU Dragonite, TRU Manaphy, Machina Arceus, Movie 08 Arceus, Alamos Darkrai, Movie 08 Darkrai, Movie 08 Shymin, Pcp Pichu, Mcdonulds Pikachu, Nzone Pikachu, TCGWC Pikachu,Onemuri Pikachu, Mattle Ho-oh Palcity Luario, World 08 Lucario, Palcity Manaphy, E4ALL Mananphy, JB4H Manaphy, NWS Mananphy, Tanabata Jirachi, Negai Boshi Jirachi, NZ Jirachi, Wishmaker Jirachi, B-Day Charmander, B-day Pikachu, Babas Flygon, Reds Metagross, Akiyamas Slaking, Golgo Octillery, Yamatos Wishcash, WCS Eevee GameStop Deoxys, Space C Deoxys, 10th Deoxys Concert Chatot, Mystry Mew, Aura Mew, Wifi Mew, VGC09 Milotic, WCS Milotic, Saiyako Milotic/Salamence,Eletivire,, Ruby/Saphire Zigzaggoon, 10ANIV Ho-oh/ Lugia/ Celebi/Latios/Latias/Pikachu/Umbreon/Alakazam/Espeon/Dragonite/Blastois/Bulba/3 Bird / 3 Dogs

Untrained Shiny pokemon with good natures

Adamant/Careful Beldum, Calm/Modest Ralts M/F, Relaxed Mudkip, Lonely Horsea, Adament/Timid Riolu, Adamant/Modest Bagon, Adamant/Jolly/Timid /Rash Charmander, Mild/Timid/Adamant Dratini, Calm Articuno, Adamant Serviper, Modest Squirtle, Rash Chimchar, Adamant Cranidos, Adamant Totodile, Adamant Camerupt, Modest Giratinia, Timid Mareep, Adamant Diglett, Adamant Growlithe, Timid Vulpix, Bold/Timid Feebas, Modest Oddish, Jolly Gligar, Adamant/Jolly Torchic, Bold Chikorita Adamant Shuckle, Jolly Grodon, Calm Eevee, Timid Misdreavus, Adamant Munchlax, Adamant Lavitar, Adamant Phanpy, Calm Swablu, Calm Bulbasaur, Adamant swinub, Jolly/Timid Azelf, Adamant Taillow, Timid Surskit, Calm Spoink, Adamant Scther, Jolly Sneasel, Jolly Treecko, Adamant Regigigas, Timid MewTwo, Impish Pineco,
Careful Skunty
[Will not check ivs, All pokemon are 100% Legit]

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